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Glass Replacement & Glass Cut To Size For Slow Combustion Stoves and Fireplaces.
Glass cut to size for fireplaces
Macquarie Towns Glass offers full glass replacement for fireplaces and slow combustion stoves.

All fireplace glass can be cut to size while you wait in most cases, simply bring in your measurements and we'll get onto it straight away.

We use Schott Robax® for all fireplace and slow combustion stove glass replacement.

Glass replacement for fireplacesSchott Robax® glass ceramic has extremely low thermal expansion which allows it not to be effected by extremely high temperatures or substantial temperature shifts and differences.

Robax® has thus proved a reliable window for room heating devices such as fireplaces and slow combustion stoves for more than 30 years.

SCHOTT ROBAX® is the only glass solution for high heat applications like wood and pellet burning stoves and fireplaces

SCHOTT ROBAX® allows for greater heat transmission. Since the glass has a high temperature resistance it lets the fire burn hotter, which transfers through the glass into the room.

SCHOTT ROBAX® is a material that has close to zero thermal expansion. The glass ceramic allows for large localized temperature gradients and quick temperature fluctuations without breaking.

Closed fireplaces with SCHOTT ROBAX® produce up to 25% more heat and use up to 40% less wood when compared to open systems.

For all your replacement fireplace glass call Macquarie Towns Glass today on (02) 4577 4444 for prompt and efficient service.