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If you're looking for mirrors they can be cut to any shape or size and we have a large range on display in our Mulgrave showroom.


Bevelled edges are available as well in various sizes ranging from 10mm to 45m wide. You can have standard bevel, unique double bevel and satin bevelling all done on our state of the art bevelling machine in our factory.


Beveled Mirror                       

Beveled Mirrors 

Beveled glass is a single pane of glass with a beveled edge. The term beveled  refers to a cut made at an angle of less than 90 degrees.

A beveled edge is typically used to add decorative style and has no functional purpose.

Beveled glass captures light in a unique way, creating a wide range of colors and enhancing the visual impact of the glass

The skillful arrangement of beveled glass, along with other decorative design elements increases both the visual appeal and the value of the final product.

We also do polished edge mirrors and framed mirrors with 10 colours to choose from.

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We also offer glass replacement and glazier services in Richmond NSW, Mulgrave NSW, South Windsor NSW, Kurrajong Heights NSW, North Richmond NSW and all surrounding areas.

 All Types Of Mirrors Cut To Size.



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Bevelled Glass
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